Can My Injury Be Treated at Home?

Minor Injury at home

Accidents happen every day. As a result, injuries sometimes occur.

While some injuries call for medical care, others can be treated at home. But how do you know which injury can be treated at home and which one needs to be treated by a medical expert?

Our team at AFC Urgent Care of Farragut has the answer!

Does My Injury Need Medical Attention?

While there are times that an injury can be treated at home with rest and ice, there are times when medical attention is needed—or even vitally important.

If your pain is the same or worse after a few days, or swelling of your injury is not alleviated after two days, then it is time to seek medical attention. You should seek immediate medical attention for any injury that involves the head, persistent high fever, bleeding that won’t stop, or fractures in which the bone is visible.

How to Prevent Injuries At Home

  • Clear clutter from the floor often.
  • Practice basic fire safety guidelines at home, particularly in the kitchen.
  • Make sure windows remain latched and closed when not in use.
  • Ensure carpet and rugs are properly adhered to the floor.
  • Make sure cords aren’t taking up space on the floor.
  • Light up stairwells and other areas of your home.
  • Take care of any spills that may cause slipping, especially in the bath, kitchen and laundry areas.
  • Don’t overdo it! Practice safe lifting techniques and don’t overload yourself.

How Do I Handle an Injury at Home?

It can sometimes be hard to know whether you need to seek treatment for an injury, especially if a cut doesn’t seem deep or if a fall just leaves a bruise.

But for minor injuries, an at-home or over the counter remedy.  For all medicines, be mindful of directions and any allergies you may have.

Home Remedies for an Injury

  • Rest the injured area.
  • Wrap the injured area to reduce swelling.
  • Ice the injury.
  • Make sure to keep the injury elevated.
  • Take over the counter pain medications as directed to reduce pain.
  • Alternate cold and heat treatments to relieve pain.

Does your injury call for medical care? AFC Urgent Care of Farragut is open seven days a week to provide high-quality care for you and your family!